Before every product launch, we have fun photoshoots with our community members.

    P.S.: It's worth mentioning that none of the lovely ladies you see on our website are professional models.


    We organize some seriously cool meetups, in different parts of India. We call them  'comfortable spaces'— reflecting the comfort we infuse into our jewelry.


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  • Smriti

    HR leader

    For too long, I tried to fit into society's neat categories. But the truth is, I am a complex mix of identities, unable to tick just one box. I use a Punjabi surname, but I can speak Gujarati. I care for my family, but crave independence; I don't want to be defined by a binary choice. My job in HR and my personal journey both remind me to celebrate the rich diversity that makes up each of us.

  • Shadiya

    Yoga Teacher

    I've wrestled with insecurity and self-doubt throughout my younger years. My journey hasn't been about body image issues, as most self-love stories are. Rather, it's about embracing my flaws and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Overcoming my inner demons hasn't only allowed me to accept myself for who I am, but it has also made it easier for others to accept me. My voyage towards self-love and acceptance is still underway, continually evolving and changing.

  • Bindu

    Podcaster & Event Coordinator

    For the longest time I wanted to lose weight and become a fitter version of myself. This year has truly been amazing from losing 9kgs to rethinking my eating habits & reducing stress eating. Who knew just adding fresh vegetables and altering the ratio and proportion of good could be such a game changer? I still crave my post lunch sweet don't get me wrong on it, I'm more mindful of it and wait for the weekends instead. I also understand my food choices better and ensure I weight training 5 days a week to stay fit. My body is capable of so much more and I've fallen in love with how it's always ready to do more.

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  • Aditi

    Runs a tea boutique

    I have always been a person who has always believed in prioritising oneself. My emotions. My likes & dislikes. I love my me-time. Before marriage, it somehow came automatically but post marriage, I have actually realised it can't happen by default.

  • Chilman

    Account Manager

    Growing up, I often felt voiceless, a feeling that shaped my resolve. Today, as a mother and a professional in recruitment and account management, I juggle numerous roles. This isn't easy - it demands strength and resilience. Whether it's maintaining a full-time job, participating in PTA meetings, looking after my own well-being, or planning solo trips, I tackle each task with determination. I hope that my display of strength will inspire my daughter, showing her that she too can navigate life's challenges in her own unique way.

  • Aashika

    Founder of a mom startup

    Life's been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Amidst these challenges, I've found hope in my early morning routine. Be it 4 a.m. or 6 a.m., yoga, meditation, and self-reflection have become my lifelines, grounding me with the belief that no matter what, I'll be okay.

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