Our jewellery is designed to be comfortable and lightweight so they don't get in your way, and durable because you have other things to worry about. The design of our pieces comes from you - your stories and your values, but the craft of capturing them in metal, that's ours.

Our Journey

Trisu was started by Saloni Chopra, who was born into a family of jewellers in Jaipur. She grew up surrounded by 12 strong women who wore heavy jewellery daily, leaving their earlobes stretched or rashes on their necks. Seeing this trend continuing in the next generation, she was motivated to create jewellery that would not weigh women down.

Saloni embarked on a mission to connect with thousands of working women across India to understand their stories and what they hold close to their hearts. She discovered an incredible synergy in their shared values and was amazed by the rich and diverse lives in which these values were expressed.

She launched Trisu, named after the initials of her parents' names, and conducted extensive research and experimentation to craft jewellery that is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and represents the strong values embraced by the community, now known as the Trisu Tribe.

Every piece of jewellery undergoes thorough wear testing, first by the women in Saloni's family, known for their honest feedback, and then by working women from all parts of the country.

  • Lighter than 12 grams

  • Rigorously wear tested for comfort

  • Does not poke on skin

Meet The Founder

''I'm fanatical about making jewellery that's practical for a woman, from comfort to price, but also lets them express themselves. We are proud of the real stories behind our designs, but our job starts with designing for comfort"

- Saloni Chopra, Founder